Your work entitled Resolution of the novel immune receptor gene cluster in zebrafish.

Recognize to kill to kill malignant cells and cells infected with certain viruses.. Zebrafish help researchers investigate innate immunity – that could lead that could lead to a better understanding of infectious diseases for the first time, researchers have sequenced all 36 genes of novel receptors that appear to play a crucial role in the innate immune protection of zebrafish certain cancers. – Your work entitled Resolution of the novel immune receptor gene cluster in zebrafish, appears online today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The zebrafish, a small species of freshwater aquarium fish, increasingly serves as an animal model for the study of genetic diseases. Like humans, it has two types of immune system – innate and adaptive. Innate immune system a first line of defense against foreign microorganisms. Humans and other jawed vertebrates, more individual and adaptive immune system, use an arsenal of antibodies and T -cell receptors to fend off various pathogens and prevent repeat attacks developed. Litman and his colleagues are are trying to work out details about the evolutionary transition from innate adaptive immunity with powerful new biotechnology techniques.On Health, Kanada -China Policy Dialogue zum Thema Gesundheit Erfolg.

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