William Maisel.

The Food and Drug Administration urges doctors to report all cases of ALCL in women to breast implants.The FDA says it is with implant manufacturer link so that their product labels be updated with this information. William Maisel, chief scientist and deputy director for science in the FDA Center for Devices and Radiological Health, said:.

The FDA cases cases especially that affected women, who went to their doctors complaining implant symptoms, including lumps, swelling, pain, or asymmetry that surgical area surgery area healed. Symptoms were of peri-implant seroma , capsular contracture , or mass caused by the implant. ALCL diagnoses led from the examination of the fluid and the capsule around the implant.‘There is a quite remarkable series of results established on strong research and to the generous investment our patient One of next step is which to explore the using this technique to human studies.

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