While it is good marketing make sense.

‘While it is good marketing make sense, promoting antibiotics at a time when we are do not facing a crisis of antibiotic resistance make good public health sense, ‘said IDSA President Anne Gershon, ‘on the other side would be grocery stores do a tremendous service if they help more people have their flu shots. ‘.

‘the opposite is true for antibiotics,’said Lauri Hicks, medical director for ‘Get Smart: know When antibiotics Work ‘program at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . ‘Every year, millions of antibiotics are prescribed for viral, like the common cold, for which antibiotics are totally ineffective. Overuse of antibiotics threatens the effectiveness of these life-saving drugs. ‘.In June 2008, Rigel told preliminary results of a Phase 2 clinical study of R788 in the patients with relapsed or refractory B -cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. R788 were well tolerated in of this patient population and showed therapeutic benefit in patients with certain sub of illness, RA small lymphocytic lymphoma / chronic lymphocytic leukemia and diffuse large B cell lymphoma. Rigel Pharmaceuticals.

CHOP is a the treatment regimen consisting of cyclophosphamide, hydroxydoxorubicin, vincristine and prednisone.. ‘As we saw that R788 displays clinical therapeutic benefit in some types of W cell lymphoma and to Syk kinase seem to play a major role in certain PTCLs, we feel that R788 is new hope to the 12-15 percent of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma patient offers by T-cell series, ‘said Elliott Grossbard, EVP and chief medical officer from Rigel. In general,eneral, patients with PTCL are a poorer prognosis and less treatment possibilities a B. – cell lymphoma patients. The standard treatment on PTCL, such as CHOP aware not properly or durable responses many patients give.

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