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In general, the scientists use male animals in their research to the complicated influence of female hormones prevent in the study data. Hypotheses about single-sex results may miss critical pieces of information. The researchers believe that this study, for example, suggests that air pollutants such as ozone, negative effect on negative effect on women than on men, and that consideration of the role of environmental toxins on human health should consider gender.

Third, ozone exposure significantly the likelihood of survival from pneumonia reduced exposure for the female mice compared to males. In both wild-type mice and in the genetically modified mice, being female increased the risk of death. Contact: Megan W.Incoming Organic Events – BIO International Convention is May 6 to 9 2007 Boston What, MA – Organic venture View Forum East June 2007 18-20, 2007 Montreal, Canada – BIO Mid-America venture 2007 Forum September 24 to 26, 2007 in Milwaukee, launch new attack for in India Right to Affordable Medicines Produce – has pharma giant Novartis produce again to court this week, in another attempt for India the right to affordable ‘generic drugs ‘version the company branded goods drugs to block..

Was a 20-year patent Monopol at Gleevec.. The consultation in the Indian Supreme Court, will six years after its first of battle to halt Novartis India loss producing copies from anti-cancer medical Gleevec what trying as much as ten times less than which original acquisition cost. It now Novartis, a void that would be delayed the capacity of the Indian pharmaceutical companies cheaper cheaper drugs which supply most the developing world. A 20 year In 2006, Novartis is began a legal battle a challenge Indian adoption of strict standards be used order argued patents in drug They regulated to Section 3 the recently amended Patents Act ‘be unconstitutional and hurt international standards ‘and were.

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