Under the new recommendations of the report healthy lifestyle.

‘Under the new recommendations of the report, the abolition of laws criminalizing sex between consenting adults, and support for community-based education and advocacy for the human rights of MSM and transgender people are ‘UN News Centre writes healthy lifestyle . The report ‘also calls for anti-discrimination laws in the region shall be adopted in relation to sexual orientation and transgender status ‘.

Center, said Imaging Techniques Could use a technology faster than the speed of light moving – Luminescence A study in the July issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine published reports on investigative research of a novel optical imaging technique called Cerenkov imaging . According to the authors, the technique could to to faster and cheaper development of radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases. The development of novel multimodality imaging agents and techniques could limit of research in the field of medical imaging science provide Jan Grimm, a professor and physician at Memorial Sloan – Kettering Cancer Center and Weill Cornell Medical Center, said in New York and corresponding author of the study. Grimm said that his work of the group, along with the current work of groups at the University of California Davis and at Stanford University (Sanjiv Sam Gambhir , can move a new path for open imaging optics in the clinic.


MTM provides a broad range of health care designed to treat patients receive the best use of their medications by identifying, preventing and resolve medicines-related problems. MTM seeks further improve and coordinate the patient care through the improvement of collaboration between pharmacists, physicians and other health professions, to improve communication between patients and their teams to primary health care and empowering patients in order to optimize medication use.

Medication – related problems and medication mismanagement of represents a major problem of public health in the USA. Experts estimate ensure preventable adverse event occur each year what. 177 USD billion in in the injury and death – ‘APHA has has long led the in their commitment that enhance patient care carried promotion and support out of MTM services,’said Thomas E. Menighan, APHA Executive VP and Chief Executive Officer. ‘We are pleased offer our employees to Apotheker services, which for all patients for all patients in of the nation health system. ‘ – Cynthia L Adam, Director of Pharmacy Operations and Clinical Services business tells to Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States this assessment, adding: ‘Kaiser Permanente recognize the value apothecary offer an integral health care List Team Members into which improve healthcare results We coordination healthcare. Model of permit joint and the communication between the apothecary and others heathen cultivation professionals. Addition manual our electronic patient record, Kaiser Permanente HealthConnect ensures Virginia, Maryland history of recorded and made available for Kaiser Permanente healthcare professionals involved in treating. We will have been with a MTM service to our Medicare Part D., the forward in 2006 and we, now they offer APHA staff. ‘.

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