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Under the agreement, the patient is between zero and $ 250 will paid per hospital stay, all of which fund the Healthy San Francisco fakta . The hospitals, the California Pacific Medical Center, St. Francis Hospital and Marien Hospital belong shall receive no money.

Hospital executives said that they approved the 25,000 program participants treatment because it is morally right is to limit expensive emergency treatments and the amount of charity care they raise in exchange for big tax cuts. Many hospitals have been criticized this year when the city Department of Public Health found that private hospitals will receive $ 79,000 per year tax cuts but only spent $ 16,000 on charity care each year. J. Will be changed, and our health care system will be strengthened, said Mayor Gavin Newsom said. Mitch Katz, director of the Health Department that the partnership makes long term financial sense for the hospital. Ultimately, if all that is not insured portion Healthy San Francisco, there is no group of unaffiliated, uninsured people have to walk in the emergency department, said Katz. – John Graham, director of health care studies at the Pacific Research Institute , questioned the appointment and said: Hospitals no treat people free. Graham said What it’s like to try to keep Gavin Newsom and San Francisco happy by giving them sees some political support. .

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Notes:Yinlong Zhang and Adwait Khare. The impact of med Accessible identity for the Evaluation of Global versus local items. Journal of Consumer Research: October 2009.

Why are some consumers prefer regional products any other tend towards the global brand? A new study by in the Journal of Consumer Research examines why some people could choose a local brand instead of recognizable global brand like Coke or Pepsi. – Due to rapid globalization local produce – products with specifications and packs the local markets, as Mecca Cola and Fei – Chang Cola tailor – and global products , as Pepsi and Coke , regularly compete against each, to write author Yinlong Zhang and Adwait Khare . Working to working to answer the following question: Why did global products outperform as a local items in certain markets and local produce better than global product in other markets, .

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