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The Technologiessociety range of products from LAG-3 , an immunomodulatory protein on the surface of activated T cells is expressed derived. Or alone. Proprietary product platforms utilize the key roles of this natural human protein in the regulation of the immune system play.Neuroscientist at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine has finding a dramatic a breakthrough in their efforts towards find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. The results of research , published in the journal Science that using of a medicine in mice about turn fast which is caused pathological, cognitive and memory impairment of the onset of Alzheimer. The results show the significant potential of that the drug, bexarotene, about 5.4 million Americans who suffer help under progressive cerebral disease.

The researchers found that over half of of plaques had been cleared up within of 72 hours. In the end the decline amounted to 75 per cent of. It would seem that the bexarotene in the brain reprogram immune cells ‘Essen ‘and engulfed amyloid plaques. This observation indicates that the drug dealt with the amount soluble and depositing forms of amyloid beta of the brain and goes the pathologic features of the disease in mice.. Bexarotene the treatment and worked quickly to stimulate the removal amyloid plaques from the brain.

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