There were 36 cases of Guillain Barr

There were 36 cases of Guillain – Barr? reported after HPV vaccination in the United States of 2006 to 2008. The disorder occurred within six weeks after vaccination in 75 % of people. In 20 of the people, or 60 %, HPV HPV vaccine they received at the time, while 16 persons, or 40 %, received the HPV vaccine along with other vaccines . Our results show that Guillain – Barr does not occur more often after HPV vaccination than it does in the general population, said study author Nizar Souayah of the University of From the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in Newark and a member of the American Academy of Neurology However, the fact that most of these cases occurred within six weeks of vaccination warrant careful monitoring for any additional cases and further analysis.

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