: the State House voted 142-27 on Thursday.

Bobby Franklin sponsored would require that minors obtain the ages of 16 and 17, parental consent to marry, and would require that minors get married under 16 years of court approval. The measure now goes to the Senate for consideration (Salzer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution.. The following highlights recent news of state actions on women’s healthregulations concerning minorsGeorgia.: the State House voted 142-27 on Thursday, a bill , the language of an earlier bill would change, authorize that a minor under 16 years of court approval to get married when the girl in the relationship is pregnant, Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The State house before the bill adopted an amendment certain structural requirements certain structural requirements of the law on abortion clinics, the patients would be safe away from the facilities on a stretcher or gurney. Abortion clinics currently are subject to the same regulations as doctors’ offices (Kaiser Daily Women’s Health Policy Report.. Oklahoma: the state house voted on Thursday to a bill that doctors abortions abortions to provide information about the procedures that they perform to the Oklahoma Department of Health, the Associated Press reports , which requires that the abortion clinics to meet the same operating system and standards, such as outpatient surgical centers would refuse the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports and the State house passed earlier this month, would have required hospitals to deliver more than 25 abortions per year the the standards.The Academy for Eating Disorders say targeted Webs should display warnings. – Surf to Thinness: A Pilot Study of Pro – Eating Disorders use of the website for young people by eating disorders, Jenny L. Rebekah Peebles, Kristina K. PhDb and irises F. MDa in PEDIATRICS by volume 6 December 2006, e1635 – e1643 doi: 10.1542/peds.2006-1133 Click here.

The research from the Stanford University, did six hundred ninety-eight families from patients, aged 10-22, from those all had been eating disorder that been diagnosed between the 1997-2004. Click here to patients be used pro – eating disorder is websites much more would were ill for more. 96 percent of patients that these international sites, she have new methods for purification and weight loss. Surprisingly, 46.4 percent of the patients each -recovery websites to visit also learned how of new techniques to reduce weight or rinsing.

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