The movies show the process clearly.

‘the movies show the process clearly, but the next step is difficult, because we know first and when these processes are important in your body, and the technology to see such thin nanotubes in the body has not been invented yet not!

The researchers took video footage of the cells, showing the cells cells is gone and retired towards the NK cells. When a target cell away from a NK cell moves, it normally moves ‘head’ first, – micrometers per minute. However, current research shows that when the NK cell its its target cell with the nanotube bungee it moves much faster, at about 14 micrometers per minute, and the cell is pulled backwards.PreventionThe researchers want to more about roller of the system , the OPG has to study played a role.

Sustainable Solutions be to find out as much as do about the links between the one – half of the Norwegian women and a quarter of all Norwegian men at least one bone fractures, Research Council of Norway have turned on 50.diseases in the population in general and the they them. Our findings our results to contribute techniques methods of prevent this serious illness developing Jørgensen, concludes.

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