The Medicare Access to complex Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Act of 2007.

– HR 2231, the Medicare Access to complex Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Act of 2007, would exempt ‘all complex rehabilitation products and assistive technologies ‘of the tendering Medicare policy so that people with severe physical disabilities have access to the very individual mobility equipment they need. Current Medicare competitive bidding policy restricts those devices as technological power wheelchairs need one or two pre-selected equipment manufacturers, ‘promoting a one-size-fits-all concept of care,’Lewis said in a letter to Congress.. Selected asked Congress to Medicare Benefits Of people with neuromuscular disorders to protectLegendary entertainer and MDA National Chairman Jerry Lewis has sent letters to Congress sent urging passage of laws to protect the Medicare benefits of those who rely on complex medical equipment and technology including tens of thousands with progressive neuromuscular diseases.

MDA National Task Force on Public Awareness began the push for the passage of HR 2231 in July, when it approved the bill in a letter to Congress. The Task Force is composed of prominent figures along with neuromuscular diseases, MDA advice on issues of importance to the Association and serves all people with disabilities.HIV antibody studied like Local Governments has often between the use Quick and Early Detection HIV testing Decide.

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