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The authors note that investigators investigators are nationally based on factors such as heavy educational debt, the lengthy training required, and the challenges of securing funding to conduct research along with time , but at the same time, selective recensioner . Research on the translation of basic scientific discoveries into clinical care is more important than ever.

Real-world projects helped Clinical Research Career by intensive Summer Program BodyThe Academic Medicine paper describes results of a 20-year survey of all PCE graduates in 2006. The survey was developed to evaluate the success of graduates and prediction capabilities to achieve the successful NIH funding would be. Among the nearly 1,000 graduates responding to the survey, 65 % that their epidemiology grant proposal led to an actual research project, and 64 % of these studies have been published and 43 % funded. In recent years, application of course concepts to real-world projects the completion of electives that published studies account for 30 % of all graduates, 14 % of these funding for the projects have been conducted were required.

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