The Istan is at the University of the family of simulators.

The Istan is at the University of the family of simulators, including a human patient simulator with narcotics and drug – detection capabilities, emergency care simulator, two other adults and a child. The Istan can with the other in the university hospital and operating room , students, students gain confidence in their professional skills will be accommodated.

For more information, visit the link below. Are a bit more careful when they first meet the simulators because they are so realistic But once they have started to practice on a they are fine and they learn so much more quickly and in more depth. Mannequins mannequins, efficient teamwork and care, both ‘essential healthcare.At the same time we are have of the intracellular signal transduction mechanisms, stimulated by IL-33 , the cellular responses in order to new potential looking search However, this is an important lesson on the path to development of better treatments to this serious disease, and we are be used in preparing an appropriate therapeutic the treatment obliged to anaphylaxis.

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