The GMC Director of Standards and Fitness to Practise.

Supplies of the vaccine have Wales Wales and the vaccination program has begun to protect the most risk of complications. – The virus and front health and social workers The four British nations the advice of the the advice of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation on priority groups for swine flu vaccination: .

The report of 22 Announced in October it estimates 77.9 cases of flu – like illness diagnosed by GPs out of every 100,000 people in Wales – this is the equivalent of 2337 people in Wales to contact their GPs in the last seven days with flu-like symptoms. Not all these people swine flu and not everyone with flu-like symptoms contact their family doctor.

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Paul Philip, the GMC Director of Standards and Fitness to Practise, wrote. The majority of the physicians doing a good job the often challenging circumstances , we know since of the 218,000 medical practitioners ,, we obtain about 5,000 complaints per year, and around 200 get in front a public hearing.

However participation and witness statement at a hearing may be a difficult process of on members of the public and doctors alike. We hope that of this initiative some peace of mind, enter to all those who are in our at our hearing, ie process process and the look and feeling an oral hearing will help, give to demystify the it is – As a regulator of our policy processes and procedures is open and transparent, we take our responsibility solid and deal fairly with physicians whose fitness to practice is serious in doubt as, but we do not loose which its the core job is. We us – that is, patients and the public. Dr Nick Clements, Head of Medical Services , Medical Protection Society which: We should welcome this approach – is very useful material to human do not to help with the GMC process – whether you are a witness, or a physician a doctor of fees it helps create a sense of familiarity the process, which will help to reduce stress should with the attendance at a hearing. .

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