The Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture.

The Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture, head of infectious diseases, Saber Abdel Aziz Galal told AFP, to collect. Restructure pig farming so that it takes place in good farms, not on waste want. For now, the pigs live dogs, poultry and people, all in the same area with garbage. He said, explaining that the goverment to build new farms in special areas, such as in Europe will have Return within two years the pigs, but we first have plants businesses, he said..

, Diabetes in developing countries into focus when European Action Global Life Sciences and the World Diabetes Foundation is organizing a symposium diabetes BioVision the April 27 to 29 at the New Library of Alexandria, Egypt. With the participation of more than 150 participants and leading global experts.Practitioners use therapeutic hypothermia, when the heart stops to hit time on either spontaneously and as cardiovascular surgery. 71 doctors to prevent reduce internal body temperature a patient at organ injury secondary including brain injury by reduction metabolic rate and oxygen demand of.

To make fact that the novel temperature-dependent medication can be used and protects patients subjected to to this kind of therapeutic hypothermia for the protection the brain in patients following cardiocirculatory arrest, additional studies for the extent of the antiplatelet at a temperature to determine ?? C up to 34? F at 93 said Peter. Of the Australian Research Council and Australian National Health and the Medical Research Council funded the study.

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