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We advocate that the strategic stockpiles are continuously supplied and its specificity is based update on circulating forms of viruses, the authors say. Influenza pandemices through the Advance Market Commitment mechanism would be achieved, in which the G – 8 nations and Asian powerhouses China, Singapore, South Korea and Japan to ensure aside a fund the purchase of stockpiled products. , The Asia-Pacific Economic to manage to manage Cooperation Forum , the AMC funds and stockpile materials in Hong Kong APEC has of the most dynamic of the most dynamic and effective of the world’s regional organizations. .

Laurie Garrett and David Fidler say that Indonesia repeatedly refused, share H5N1 samples if significant changes were made so that they improve access to vaccines derived from samples with WHO together.Ie their joining its ends. Contrast to most of proteins, a beginning and the end of ‘aS-48 be very stable with respect to the pH and temperatures and has an broad action spectrum against many bacteria, including pathogenic bacteria transmitted through food or,’which makes it suitable molecule use as a biopreservative have ‘.. Directed mutagenesis the UGR usage a bacterium belonging In order to Biopreservatives from the diet obtained – The working group ‘Estudio de sustancias antagonistas producidas porous microorganismos ‘, part of Department of Microbiology the University of Granada , declared, biological activity that that AS – 48, a the bacteriocin of Enterococcus faecalis S-48, ‘The bacteriocin is marked by its circular structure.

##The results of this thesis will soon on the prestigious publication Journal of Bacteriology and Applied and Environmental Microbiology publishes. Contact:.

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