The Associated Press: Holder.

The Associated Press: Holder, Sebelius In Mass. For Health Fraud Summit, the U.S. Attorney General and Minister of Health are convening a one-day meeting in Boston to discuss ways to healthcare fraud to prevent.

High-ranking Obama administration convening a day-long meeting in Massachusetts, on ways to prevent health care fraud and abuse brainstorming.‘This is a test like that ourselves us the future with the selection most from most from a drug like Avastin,’said Matulonis.. A clinical trial will be required to determine whether or angiogenic -blocking drugs are particularly effective in patients with angiogenesis subtype of. But there reasons for optimism: approximately 30 % of serosal patients with ovarian cancer, the angiogenesis inhibitors received in clinical trials pay the drug and the angiogenic subtype include some 30 per cent of all serous ovarian cancer.

– Unlike cancer , where we may differ various subtypes on her genetic signatures more than 15,000 ovarian cancer than monolithic homogenous sickness saw – at any tumors much much as anyone else, John Quackenbush, the trial co-senior author Dana-Farber Dana-Farber fellow Member Ursula Matulonis, show that have shown that serous ovarian at at least a clear subtype exists at the molecular level, that is a possibility that it susceptible aimed of therapy at its molecular end weaknesses. .. Of more than 1500 drugs can against new Sub ovarian cancer Effective.

One study was released in the the online publication PLoS ONE Document, researchers estimate that the subtype to one third of all serous developing ovarian cancer, make up a joint cancers of the surface of the ovaries.

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