The analysis of the transnational tobacco companies struggle to avoid.

‘This paper presents the first comprehensive analysis of the transnational tobacco industry tactics to undermine the development of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Results. Illustrate the diversity and complexity the tobacco industry efforts to undermine control the Framework Convention on Tobacco and demonstrate the extent to which transnational tobacco companies are able to combine and coordinate these approaches in the international scene.

They claimed, the Convention would have adverse economic consequences and put the World Health Organization ‘s mandate to develop an international treaty. Suggested that suggested that the industry corporate social responsibility initiatives might be an alternative to the Convention. The transnational tobacco companies subsequently uses different promotional strategies to support and underline their arguments, for example through targeted convention delegations and various allies, such as scientists and media. – Leading author, Heide Weishaar, from the Centre for Population Health Sciences in Edinburgh says:.. They found that transnational tobacco companies strategically ‘a set of arguments for challenging the convention developed.also points out the also points to the troubling survival rate of children being born with HIV, one of which one half death of AIDS-related reasons before the age one.. The parent HIV / AIDS Policies Overlook young children, said surveyUganda politics published on HIV / AIDS to overlook young children lives and affected by the disease, according to a study on Tuesday from the African Capacity Building Foundation and Makerere University Economic Policy Research Center, New Vision / reviews. Directional According to the survey, except for from strategies for the prevention of mother-to child transmission HIV children under eight years ago times ignore in comparison to older children and teenagers.

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