The American Cancer Society estimates that about 180

The American Cancer Society estimates that about 180,000 new cases of breast cancer in the United States will be diagnosed this year and about 45,000 deaths occur.Preclinical studies showed that Davana, reduced in combination with chemotherapy significantly implanted tumor growth in mice with metastatic human breast cancer cells . Results from preclinical studies of similar formulations Davana and optimize 5-FU also lowered toxicity as determined by the weight gain of the mice in the study showed. With the FDA.’Our goal is to extend survival and improve the quality of life of cancer patients,’said Eliezer Zomer, Executive Vice President Product Development & Manufacturing, Pro – Pharmaceuticals. ‘recently recently, showed data from a Phase II trial for end-stage colorectal cancer patients Davana extended median survival to 7 months with significantly reduced levels of side effects. Moreover , the data showed no apparent change from the baseline measurements in clinical blood test blood test parameters including platelets and white blood cells, Reduced toxicity data indicates improved quality of life. ‘.

Yeovil Nurse Consultant Wins Award with the aim of improving stroke services in the South West, UKA nurse consultant from Yeovil District Hospital has teamed up with the Stroke Association, a distinction that it hopes will result in improved services for stroke patients on to win the Southwest.


The voluntary survey analyzes hospitals about their performance in four important areas:.

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