The AIUM recognizes therapeutic ultrasound as a rapidly growing area of medical ultrasound.

‘The AIUM recognizes therapeutic ultrasound as a rapidly growing area of medical ultrasound,’says AIUM President Harvey Nisenbaum, ‘With a diverse membership in the medical ultrasound community, the AIUM is positioned to education and research in therapeutic ultrasound by cultivation, to promote the exchange of information between basic researchers, ultrasound and physicians. ‘.

Building new ones. Working at the Centro de Investiga guarantee Patobiologia Molecular of the Portuguese Institute of Oncology Francisco Gentil, in Lisbon, the team showed that the cells new blood vessels are stimulated to make it through an intracellular signaling pathway, mediated by the protein Notch.. Portuguese scientists discover new mechanism that regulates the formation of blood vessels? Researchers in one of the external groups of the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ci ncia , in Portugal, a novel mechanism that regulates the process, new new blood vessels discovered and wound healing including chronic wounds, such as pathological in diabetics and those suffering from obesity found. These results,? S Rgio Dias and his team are in the new issue of the journal PlosOne appear, and have implications for the development of new therapeutic approaches to healing damaged building new ones.‘for example, some health insurance companies begun to reduce the premium rates for small enterprises, which wellness program offering of employee. In addition, many small businesses have a contract with trade employer organizations , which started paid an annual fee for employee health benefits and other human resources Administration questions. PEOs combination staff groups of to larger pools are decrease health care costs for small enterprises to decrease. Some small businesses have also started to high – deductible health plans to health – savings account and health reimbursement of arrangements.. Arrangements to Looks challenges small firms facial into which insurance for employees.

USA Today on Monday investigates how small businesses have ‘mad with growing employee health cost, a charge in that surveys reveal has become the biggest a headache and an obstacle to growth ‘ ‘and like ‘is a growing army of counselors and benefits of experts should curb support new health Plan and services for the owner desperate expenses.

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