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‘We constantly have to explain HIV to catch the people at risk and high risk,’Putin said, adding. ‘Above all it is with high-risk with high-risk groups to now we have not a common strategy[ for] This’. Putin said he was HIV / AIDS a priority during a meeting of leaders from the Group of Eight industrialized countries expected to take place in Russia later this year . Appeal million HIV / AIDS funding is a more than 30 – fold increase over the previous year allotment, and the government plans to to about to about $ 284,000 in the next year (Smith, Globe and Mail.. Source: Skinvisible,Russian President Vladimir Putin calls for more HIV / AIDS awareness, Russia to $ 175M on HIV / AIDS programs spend this yearThe Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday asked officials HIV / AIDS awareness in the country increase , since the government announced that it would allocate $ 175,000 this year for HIV / AIDS programs, reports Reuters.

The product showed it did kill more than 99.99 percent inactivation / on H1N1 influenza A, a virus similar to the human flu virus. The World Health Organization yesterday raised the pandemic to Phase 4 – ‘carried by human to human transmission.’The Center for Disease Control, the virus in the same way does the regular flu spreads;. ‘Flu viruses are from person to person from person to person through coughing or sneezing of people with influenza Sometimes people may become infected by having something flu viruses on it and then touching their mouth or nose. ‘.. Skinvisible DermSafe Hand Sanitizer Kills Swine Flu VirusSkinvisible, , a research and development company of patented skincare and medical dermatology products, has lotion a hand disinfectants proven effective proven effective found killing the H1N1 swine flu virus in pigs.In Salmonella possess, the steps are similar, but by a couple of twists and turns, Ibba wrote. Him and his colleagues approved in that the Gen beta YjeK does lysin, and demonstrated that the PoxA gene found beta Time lysin and add it to EF – P – a protein which imitated part that shape and function of the tRNA. – ‘It is an really unexpectedly way’, however, and an investigator in Ohio State the Center for RNA Biology. ‘It is a to mimic of what usually does proteins in a cell. If a cell which normally to be expected in that a alpha-amino acid can be used, Salmonella a beta a beta-amino acid. And it ends the molecules that to the cell the cells which virulence. ‘.

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