Some are changes in the environment

Scientists have long known that the process they call viral emergence a number of factors into account . Some are changes in the environment, either generated by natural causes or human activity. Others are internal, from accidental changes. Mutations – genetic code of virus in.

In the aforementioned study in rats showed that affect the mother’s diet and the development of bacteria consumption and the health of their young. – A number of female rats were food provided with high energy content during pregnancy and while they was suckling her young We saw that old in two weeks, the young whose mothers received high-energy food had higher body weight and more fat. Her body, and higher inflammation, than young whose mothers were given a balanced diet, explains Caroline Karlsson.

The authors of this study, Joseph J. MSPH , and colleagues at to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention stated that those molecular epidemiological methods of not previously used in an ongoing investigation hepatitis A virus outbreak. The methods used found in to genetic sequencing analyzing of virus in blood of infected individuals , have comprehension understanding outbreaks of other pathological agents, but are time complicated and not widely available.

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