Shoham identified a bacterial protein.

The screening for inhibitors of Agra was first out in a computer by docking a library of 90,000 compounds and, It is possible fit into the activation site about Agra conducted. Subsequently, about one hundred of the best summary acquired connections and tested in the laboratory to inhibit the production of a toxin that ruptures red blood cells. Seven of these compounds were found to be active. Testing compounds bearing chemical similarity to the original compounds lead to the discovery of additional and more effective compounds. More than a dozen drugs The best using this method. The best drug candidate reduces red blood cell fraction to 12 percent of the value without the drug at a concentration of 10? without affecting bacterial growth..

Researcher discovers new ‘anti – pathogenic ‘ drugs to treat MRSAhas identified Menachem Shoham, associate professor and researcher in the Department of Biochemistry at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, new anti – pathogenic drugs without killing the bacteria, render methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus can cause harmless by preventing the production of toxins, the illnesses..LA BioMed also plays a crucial role in educating young physician – to his scientists and has in fostering healthcare and well-being the surrounding communities with charitable programs, a large number of medical and social requirements active .

No patients had died, but all had operating infected meat three need reconstructive surgery of and 10 spending some time in intensive care , one be removed for a month. Half were originally thought to have less heavy skin abscesses. Four patients were first antibiotics antibiotics the bacterial were refractory , but all 14 Patient was finally with with which antibiotics vancomycin and / or clindamycin.. Methicillin resistenten Bakterien verursacht zunehmend Infektionen bei gesunden MenschenEin aufstrebender Formblatt v. Sterben same Art v. Bakterien In, Methicillin – resistente Staphylokokkus aureus verursacht Rekordzahl von Wenigers schw type of error at the upcoming annual conference of the Infectious Diseases Society of America information 14 cases of necrotizing fasciitis Los Angeles due to MRSA, an uncommon cause the illness causes.

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