Said Jim Shehan.

We work in different ways an be a catalyst for the necessary changes successfully defeat the diabetes epidemic to be, and a major change is to end unnecessary discrimination against people with diabetes in the school, workplace, and public institutions .. Novo Nordisk happy and proud to support ADA efforts to to secure fair treatment for people with diabetes, said Jim Shehan, the company ‘s Vice President of Legal, Government & Quality Affairs. To be,ovo Nordisk Changing Diabetes vision and passion. So it is not enough for us, especially innovative insulin analogs and insulin delivery systems.

The campaign utilizes utilize education, negotiation, litigation and legislative strategies and includes public and the media public and the media about issues facing children with diabetes at school, trained to improve the situation for students who do not have any school, diabetes diabetes care, and to counter the use of trained non-medical staff to care for students with diabetes in the absence of the school nurse. Novo Nordisk supports a series of Safe At School program trainings for lay advocates and health care professionals. The annual series scheduled for May 22nd to the Southern start the ADA Regional Conference on Diabetes, Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease in Champions Gate, Florida.. About ADA Safe at School CampaignThe American Diabetes Association has its Safe at School campaign in 2004 to ensure educated with educated with diabetes in a medically safe environment and have equal access to educational opportunities as their peers.A free service of The Henry J. Released. Kaiser Family Foundation.. 25 percent who Examines audience award matters payments on health care, views on presidential Health Care Plans.

‘Health Tracking statistics Poll: Election 2008,’Kaiser Family Foundation: gave This survey that a quarter of U.S. Citizens to see pay health care as the ‘a serious problem with this ‘by which. Of the poorest health or the not insured coverage more difficulty Twenty-four % of Americans ranked health care as ‘serious problem’compared to 37 percent, payment for gas is an saying, ‘serious problem’which wrote a good paying enhance job or in remuneration, 18 percent wrote pay for food the problems with debts and 15 percent, paying the rent the payment of rent or mortgage. There were also the survey indicates that 42 percent of people feel that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama compare their own personal views on health having 25 percent who the same for Republican presidential candidate in Senator John McCain .

Bush am Samstag on his weekly radio address urged the Senate means for funding for basic scientific research as a part his proposal to U.S. Competitiveness to increase the global market by innovation tells the Reg. / Houston Chronicle. After the AP / Chronicle, the house has approved full financing which research component of initiative of, federal spending doubled in basic research in natural science. Bush called on in Bus stop do the same. Bush said the initiative , which also would like to train Last instructor and broaden tax credits for research and develop is importance for the U.S. , innovative nation, keep with confidence to to competitive. .

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