Powerful technology platform for the multiplex quantitation of phosphorylated proteins reviews.

EMD Novagen WideScreen Group and Epitome Biosystems together to develop immunoassay panels using a novel, powerful technology platform for the multiplex quantitation of phosphorylated proteins. WideScreen EpiTag assay on the XMA – line technology based instrument platforms from Luminex Corporation conducted utilize EpiTag Technology, a highly targeted measurement platform for multiplex protein assays reviews . The first in a series of validated assay panels is available globally through the international sales and distribution network of the EMD / Merck Group. – ‘WideScreen EpiTag assay major signal transduction pathways in the ERK pathway in humans and mice detect samples,’said Lisa Johnson, Novagen and Calbiochem Business Unit Manager at EMD. ‘These products demonstrate the power of EpiTag technology, and we look forward to more EpiTag Assays with Epitome Biosystems. ‘.

ERK pathway protein levels and phosphorylation are deregulated in many types of cancer and are considered strong candidates for the development of therapeutic compounds. These assays researchers determine the effect of candidate compounds on a plurality of analytes to allow a better understanding of the on-and off-target effects. Working with EMD is EpiTag EpiTag – based assays is an important step in building a comprehensive set of products for researchers with powerful approaches for reliable cell and tissue-based multiplex measurements provide, said Neal Gordon, President, Epitome Biosystems. These products address the market expressed need for absolute, quantitative measures of protein phosphorylation to obtain in a very targeted manner. .


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