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‘out out or you went with ever tell you, not using contraception, ‘or’he said he would leave ‘ get pregnant ”? you from from or went to always put the condom while you were having sex so that you would get pregnant ‘is a about? five young women said they experienced pregnancy coercion and 15 % said they experienced birth control sabotage About half of those surveyed. 53 % – said they had experienced physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner over a third of women. Intimate partner violence intimate partner violence reported – 35 % – also reported either pregnancy coercion or birth control sabotage.

Other study authors include Michele Decker and Heather McCauley of the Harvard School of Public Health, Daniel Tancredi of UC Davis, Rebecca Levenson of the Family Violence Prevention Fund of San Francisco, and Jeffrey Waldman and Phyllis Schoenwald of the Planned Parenthood Shasta Diablo Affiliate.Xiaohua Huang, nonprofit of bioengineering into UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering at UCSD results the strain to create a very promising technology that shrinks that. Currently taken in big genome sequencing laboratories on a glass support to size of a company card Huang team of will be of micro-and nano-fabrication technologies combine to innovative chemical same time simultaneously sequence of more than 1 billion each DNA sections to the surface of the individual slides.

Bioengineered Prof. Michael Heller being a third member to of the UCSD omissions He is an expert on with electric fields for actively tamper biomolecules. Accelerating and modules of nano structures utilized his expertise and improve the sequencing.. Huang will be will be to the the Jacobs School by Pavel Pevzner , a professor to the Computer Science and Engineering Department, will the Department of Bioinformatics Laboratory. Sequencing of 23 pairs of human chromosomes from cells of an individual extract includes cutting the DNA in tens of millions for hundred of millions of pieces, and Pevzner designed requires that computational techniques order calculated chromosomes fit by composing the the overlapping ends of all fragments of after been sequenced.

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