NSF Director Subra Suresh addressed the award winners at a black tie awards dinner.

.. NSF Director Subra Suresh addressed the award winners at a black tie awards dinner, followed by the ceremony at the White House. Tonight we acknowledge not only the heritage that you received and have carried out, but even more, we celebrate the legacy that you have give to future generations of researchers, explorers, inventors and innovators, said Suresh. You feed our anticipation of continued contributions and leadership. And we look forward to the future prosperity of science and innovation in the hands and in the minds and hearts of those who laid you mentor and train.

Work on the Pulmonary Center, BUSM by Felicia Chen, MD was , Yuxia Cao, Jun Qian, Fengzhi Shao from Wellington Cardoso provided the team of investigators and Karen Lower Reither, PhD (Baylor performed College of Medicine, Funding for this study was supported by grants from National Institutes of Health / / National Heart Lung and Blood Institute and the GlaxoSmithKline Pulmonary Fellowship Award.Help knowing the impact of cosmic radiation on that healthy heart of deep-space astronauts who placed the unique challenges of treatment and prevention long-term missions, said Kabarowski. Notice future research on the mechanisms to see the damage, and we will attempt to find a way to are aimed such mechanisms the harm the damage or preventing that it at find it. .

The cooperation will be on strengths each organization for attract web-based tools, the faster implementation of advanced technology ideas, clinical and medical appliances through multi-disciplinary teams to create supporting out of innovators.. Industry and government Induct Team In order to Drive Healthcare Innovation Help The Center for integration Medicine and Innovative Technology and Induct software for the AS , The Open Innovation Company , announced a long-term strategic alliance under which they collaborate, web based Web-based innovation management system after successfully CIMIT models.

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