Many skeptics agree that the players are fast.

Many skeptics agree that the players are fast, but that they are less accurate as their speed of the game increases. Dye and colleagues find the opposite: Gamers do not lose accuracy as quickly. The scientists believe that this is a result of gamers visual perception visual perception. Playing video games enhances performance on mental rotation skills, visual and spatial memory, and tasks, divided attention.

The study examined psychological scientists at the University of Rochester, Matthew Dye, Shawn Green and Daphne Bavelier, even of the existing literature on video games and found some surprising insights into the data. For example they found that avid players are faster not only on their game of choice, but on a variety of independent lab tests reaction time.The participants attended extensive neuropsychological examination at memory and other cognitive features assessed, and was positron emission tomography scanned mentioned at the Berkeley Lab to a new tracers Pittsburgh Compound B was developed to visualize amyloid has been. The outcome of brain scans on healthy elderly subjects people from different levels of living cognitive activity is was compared with those of 10 patient diagnosed with the Alzheimer disease and eleven healthy persons in their 20s.

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