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To harvest the pollen, bend the cattail go to a paper shake and tote. In late summertime, green flower spikes appear and will be eaten like corn on the cob. Autumn – The root of cattail could be harvested. Wash completely and submerge in water – let sit down until a gel forms. Drain the gel and use for bread making and soups. For a protein-wealthy flour, dry the grind and roots. It can be roasted and floor for a wholesome coffee substitute also. Winter season – In northern climates, cattail root is difficult to collect, but not impossible if you can break through frozen ice and ground.After 17 years, which equates to a lifetime with this kind or sort of technology, the FCC is set to examine these obsolete and outmoded cellular phone radiation standards. The real concern lies in the impact from contact with nonthermal electromagnetic fields. So far as the FCC can be involved, if there is no heating system impact, there is absolutely no effect. Cellular phone radiation may not heat but it affects reproductive health, increases the rate of metabolism of glucose by the mind, escalates the risk for certain types of tumor, affects human brain function, and disrupts regular sleep patterns.

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