Is the human memory works in the same manner?

Is the human memory works in the same manner? Their study was a series of surprising conclusions on the subject. Even when very complex objects, which had recalled of subjects participating in laboratory experiments, participants, who ranged in age from 18 to 30, yet could hold four items in active memory. However, Awh said, the clarity of this items was not perfect, and some people had much clearer memories than others. A second finding also surprised the UO team -. While it is reasonable that about about more things suddenly suddenly seems even clearer memory than average, we found that this assumption was not the case, Vogel said.

For example, a four-gigabyte iPhone, the popular new Apple cell phone, to about 1,000 four-minute songs might hold, than average, be far fewer the songs were in memory when the songs were all 20 minutes in length, UO psychology professors Edward Awh and Edward Vogel, co-authors with recent UO graduate Brian Barton study study in the July issue published by Psychological Science.Credentials:1 Bornstein MB of, Miller A, Slagle S, N Engl J Med 1987; 317:408 – 414 Johnson CP, Brooks BP, Cohen YES, Neurology. 1995 45:1268-1276. Filippi M, 1998 JS, Ann Neurol. 2001 49:290-297. Goodin DS, Frohman Championship, Garmany Grand Prix, Neurology. 2002, 58 :169-178. Johnson C, Brooks B, September 17-20, 2003, Milan, Italy. Abstract and Poster.

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