Instead of observing.

Amish farmers pioneer organic agriculture focusing on crop nutrition to improve plant immune systems naturally The relationship between vegetation and man has grown distant in the present day era of chemical treatments ´╗┐inflammation of the tissues . Instead of observing, listening and understanding the language of his crops, man has rather resorted to spraying them with pesticides, suppressing plant immune systems. Spraying plants with chemical substances may save a farmer time in the short term, but these broad steps overlook the underlying, specific plant nutrition problems.

Amicus Therapeutics presents corporate outlook in 2010 2010 at Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference Amicus Therapeutics today outlined the Company’s three essential strategic priorities and presented a corporate outlook in 2010 2010 at the 28th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. ‘In 2010 2010 our strategic priorities are clear and we stay steadfast in executing our business goals. We are focused on focusing our assets on three value-creating centers within Amicus. Advancing our global Amigal Phase 3 program is our number one priority. We be prepared to make significant improvement with Amigal by fully enrolling our 011 research and expect to commence the 012 Phase 3 study to support authorization in the EU. We plan to balance the execution of this global, late-stage clinical plan in Fabry disease with significant progress inside our chaperone-ERT combination programs and our preclinical programs in Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease,’ said John F.

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