Including information by consulting and support and system integration.

The company has more than 49 Thus, employees worldwide and operates in over 130 countries. In fiscal 2008 , Siemens Healthcare reported sales of 11, orders of 11, and a net profit of 1, . More information can be found by you are found.. Further background information can be found by visitingThe Siemens Healthcare Sector is one of the largest suppliers to the healthcare industry. The company is a renowned medical solutions provider with core competence and innovative strength in diagnostic and therapeutic technologies as well as in knowledge engineering, including information by consulting and support and system integration.

Further, it is no longer necessary mSv. Before the test, because they can no longer remain. The high scanning speed also makes it possible for large areas of up to 48 cm with 4D imaging to cover . The areas scannable using conventional systems to a maximum of 16 cm by the detector size involved limited.. No longer necessary Siemens Healthcare sets the bar highthorax scan subsecond: Breath holds unneededDue to the high scanning speed, it is now possible scans scans of the chest, heart or both simultaneously in a split second.Manufacturer technology also has uses in cosmetic surgery. Silicon implants silicone implants for the chin and cheekbones to increase quadrature, to used, to grow your own cheekbones or puffy lips. However Prof. Zilberman says It sounds easy is early for early for such uses. She started her work in biomaterials on the UT Southwestern Medical Centre at Dallas, and is present focus on various medical application. One of them is intended tooth implants more effective. Them sees the application the invention to the organ tissue recovery in the future. A question of the structure.

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