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There is a need for improved strategic information about all risk groups, including MSM to effectively HIV / AIDS problem. However, African MSM bear a much higher burden of HIV than other men, and draw attention to an unmet need for prevention, treatment and care. .. There are significant challenges to the HIV / AIDS community in assessing and participation in MSM needs in sub-Saharan Africa. In this region, homosexuality is illegal in most countries, and political and social hostility are widespread.

Teaching hospitals found three times more cases of abuse than other institutions, compared with 5.2 training and awareness.Had children with abuse or neglect in their medical records twice the number of diagnoses, spent more than twice as long in the hospital (8, and there were more than twice the cost in comparison with other children, Rovi says your average bill. Came to $ 19 compared to $ 9,513 for other children.University researchers developed an tracking system, which permits you to identify, if T – responsive to a in response to a Salmonella infection. T cells are a type of white blood cells at the immune system, help to fight infection involved.

University of Minnesota researchers have an array of cells the mouse intestine, to switch proven at T cells, cell found in to fight off infections.

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