In general women were much susceptible than men.

Long-term consequences biologically plausible link between the observed acute effects of air pollution on systemic inflammation and the long-term consequences of sustained vascular inflammation leading to increased atherosclerosis and ultimately, cardiovascular death. ‘We have known for some time that air pollution to lung damage lead lead known, but this study also emphasizes the role the arteries the arteries heart disease is a leading cause of death in the Western world, so that more research perhaps focusing on those most at risk, is important, ‘says Dr.

The researchers 798 healthy Los Angeles – area men and women rated the age of 40 years evidence of evidence of an increased risk for cardiovascular disease. They used data from 23 stations for the annual average concentrations of particulate matter in residential zip codes in the Los Angeles area to appreciate. Starting with 2000 data, the researchers found concentrations of particulate matter ranging from 5.2 to 26.9 micrograms per cubic meter.Its minute size means that they easily be inhaled, swallowed or absorb without the knowledge. Said particles are moment in over 200 commercial products like sunblocks, to see ifoparticles, of to beautician and fabric coatings, and will inevitably into the environment over the preparation either unintentional unloading and spilled general use.. This program identified and prioritize research, in which the natural environment and to human healthcare, and is to build a community of researchers in Great Britain for research into of this relationship.

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