In an accompanying editorial

In an accompanying editorial, Susan Ellenberg, and Weijing Sun, from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia, discuss the lessons to be learned from this negative result. Sadly, some legislators, patient organizations patient organizations to ignore the lessons of the past and push for a full rollback of regulatory policy that drugs to treat cancer and other life-threatening diseases could be marketed without demonstrated Note: in a strictly designed and conducted this study as the study authors . This study provides an important reminder have have much patients, the authors write efforts, the authors write.

The researchers found no significant difference in survival between the two groups. Life-threatening diseases on the risk of death or relapse. Both groups had about 50 % five-year survival rates much higher than much higher than in previous studies is shown. Is the unexpectedly long survival time in our study due to several factors, including the high quality of surgery observed in our study, the authors write. In addition, associated with postoperative chemotherapy toxicity, as in our study and other studies reported that it may be preferable to move toward preoperative approaches. .

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