In addition to the detection of cancer at an early stage.

It is consistent with current government policy and the National Awareness and Early Diagnosis Initiative , a public / third sector partnership between the Department of Health, National Cancer Action Team and Cancer Research UK – .. In addition to the detection of cancer at an early stage, the tool might help doctors their scarce resources such as ultrasound, MRI scans and the patients patients more urgent need to conduct further investigation.

The tool was successful in predicting 63 % of all ovarian cancers in the next two years, found that in the top 10 % of the women who were most at risk.By increasing funding, dissemination of information and awareness preventative medicine and nutritional spa programs, of the government health care expenditure increase would be result efficiency as a lifestyle related Service acceptance and quality of health care in America. Those win-win systems does not only reduce excessive public expenditure on preventable conditions but allows any thrive than a nation.

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