In a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt mandlig skaldethed.

Public interest advocates question NIH Enhanced Access Policy – NIH must be brought to justicepublic interest supporters of the NIH Enhanced Public Access Plan today declared the just announced policy falls short of their expectations and long-term recommendations mandlig skaldethed . In a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt, the Alliance for taxpayers access outlined its main concerns with the NIH plan:.

1 The proportion of eligible research articles that have been deposited in PubMed Central, and2 The delay time between an article publication in a journal and its availability in PubMed Central. Rick Johnson, director of scientific publishing and Academic Resources Coalition , said: Honestly, this just the announced policy is not what we had hoped for, nor suggested, and it falls far short of of the light of transparency Dr. Zerhouni Dr. Zerhouni promised earlier this week in his ethics reforms. .

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Care, by the blocking of by blocking FSH could therefore offer alternative methods for treating or prevent osteoporosis without the risks to with another hormone replacement therapies , said Mone Zaidi of Mount Sinai School of Medicine. For example, Estrogen replacement therapies has been risk of breast risk of breast cancer associated, took especially together with progesterone, he said. – to the last thirty years, the idea was clearly that estrogen losing be responsible for the changes experienced in postmenopausal women – inclusive rinsing, dryness, and bone loss, Zaidi said. Even though FSH levels strongly increase in parallel to estrogenic decline in is a direct effect of of FSH on the skeleton of had never been explored. We have now uncovered, regardless of the nature and seriousness of estrogen deprivation, intact pituitary and, more specifically, which FSH be are requirements for loss of bone in animals with a reduced or absent ovarial high .

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