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‘If miniSOG miniSOG, tagged proteins as well as the places we use to navigate, ‘said Tsien. ‘On the other hand, EM has the disadvantage that a snapshot a snapshot of cells before we killed them while light microscopy can show the dynamics in living cells. Each technique has different complementary strengths and weaknesses ‘.

But current EM technologies do not distinguish or highlight individual proteins in these images, which can be labeled with GFP or other fluorescent proteins, but they are visible only with the limited resolution of light microscopy. ‘We’Existing EM images of cell structures are analogous to maps or aerial photographs showing major landmarks and populations centers,’Tsien said. ‘It was very difficult to see where individual protein types have been removed, as well as most maps do not the situation of particular groups of people, like everyone with the surname Smith, or all of the orthodontists in an area.The study was Department researchers from which Public Health Agency of Canada, Public Health in Ontario, University of Calgary, the Institute for Clinical Evaluative science, of the British Columbia the Ministry of Health Services, which done Manitoba Centre for Health Policy and nationally de sant? publique you are Qu?

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