Held in Montreux.

About 50 experts HIV from developing and developed countries presented and their HIV vaccine research and development discussed at the first WHO-UNAIDS meeting of Global Partners promoting vaccine Research and Development , held in Montreux, Switzerland, on 2-3 February. Participating vaccine experts from governments, academia, industry, anti-retrovirale partnerships and non-governmental organizations around the world.

This meeting of the Global HIV Vaccine partners will be expected to to take on a regular basis so that important actors in this area can share their experiences, ideas, and develop ways to address shared challenges.The new technology, describe in the latest issue which journal Nanotechnology was developed by a team performed at Dr. Alexandru Biris, assistant professor of applied science and chief scientist at Nanotechnology Center. Used In partnership with the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, team successfully killed exceeding 98 per cent of cervical cell the study.

The American Association for the Homecare presents durable medical equipment party, manufacturers and other organization in the the home care community. Members of are used medical needs to millions of Americans, who oxygen equipment and therapy, mobility of assistive technology, medical supplies, inhalation of medical therapy, demand at home for infusion and other healthcare devices and services for in their homes. The Association’s members operate more than 3,000 homecare locations in all 50 states. Go to.

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