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Health News Florida. Free market lawmakers created the Florida Health Choices program in 2008, they settled it as a way to deregulate the health care market for small business Two years later, Florida Health Choices has not yet begun offering coverage, and its leaders and lawmakers make a philosophical choice to determine whether the program would have survived. Florida Health Choices signed state insurance state insurance exchange under the federal health reform law, the patient Protection and Affordable care Act into law in March cliquez ici . This backers the Florida Health Choices program have to decide if push forward with their free-market vision or go along with the demands of a federal law that is many Republicans many Republicans. All states require such an exchange of over 2014 to help small businesses and individuals insurance. Insurance. Yet while the general direction of the exchange and the Florida Health Choices is similar to the federal law is not for the Florida program, hands-off approach to provide cover ‘ which would be sold (Saunders.

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