Fragile X syndrome.

At the UC Davis MIND Institute world-renowned scientists engage in research to improved treatments and the causes and cure for autism find, ADHD, fragile X syndrome, Tourette syndrome and other neurological disorders. Advances in neuroscience, molecular biology, genetics, pharmacology and behavioral sciences are making inroads into a better understanding of brain function. The UC Davis MIND Institute draws from these and other disciplines collaborative multidisciplinary research multidisciplinary research.

Autism Speaks is North America’s largest autism science and advocacy organization. Since its founding in 2005 the organization more than more than $ 160 million on research and developing innovative new resources for families. Bob Bob and Suzanne Wright. Bob Wright served as Chief Executive Officer of NBC and NBC Universal for more than 20 years. The Wrights are the grandparents of a child with autism.Pregnant via oocyte donation of female with TS has potentially risky for both the mother and child, according to a multi-center study, presented today at the the European Congress of Endocrinology Rotterdam.

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