For the prospective study.

For the prospective study, Anderson and colleagues survey data on 62,581 participants who PLCO PLCO Multi-center Screening Trial. Participants completed questions about their consumption of meat, as they are cooked to preference, and how well done might be.

And those participants from high-temperature the highest estimated intake of carcinogens from high-temperature cooked meat had. A 70 % higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer than those with the lowest intake.A new research combination of tools of chemistry and astronomy the unique the laboratory out of of interstellar room is to free the study of basic Chemie from the restrictive bonds of Earth to use.

Of Damu Tang, assistant professor of medical 120 thousand U.S. Dollars $ 120,000 to the newly identified protein PTEN to see the importance has for the prevention of prostate cancer progression.

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