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For the past two years, one. The ETP share MediSecur has tested in Darwin the eHealthNT trial, as it was called, was partly funded by the Department of Health and Ageing to visit for more information about the study here. Medicare secure uses proven technology both from the general practice and community pharmacy, integrated system. A secure integrated system. Recipes are transferred from doctors to pharmacies with military grade security, the interface seamlessly smoothly with commercial exchange ETP.

Detailed results of the studyor The researchers compared the efficacy of CMX001 to acyclovir in BALB / c mice intranasally with HSV type 1 2 vaccinated. CMX001 was effective in reducing mortality from both HSV-1 and HSV-2 infection with doses of up to 5mg/kg 1.25mg/kg administered orally once a day, even though 48 treatments were delayed – 72 hours after the viral inoculation. CMX001 administered at 5mg/kg dose and acyclovir at 100mg/kg reduced viral replication in target organs, including lung, kidney and spleen..With the satellites, specialized doctors, even though far away, either Heraklion or even in Athens – could once helping which teams on site. The first aid been arranged to understand the nature of the epidemic and treat the patient, coordinated from spreading. First symptoms were displayed. Second, using the cause of the epidemic has been to identify and take the measures necessary to halt the problem from spreading.

On the second day following the earthquake and their emergency call management by local authorities, the scenario of the epidemiological threat to. Analytical the sacrificial protected by in a bearing soon it obvious that is. Threaten on gastroenteritis.

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