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Sydney, Australia – About Osteoporosis osteoporosis-related fractures are an international public health problem responsible for increased mortality, functional impairment and added health care costs. 40 and 50 % 40 and 50 % of white women are over the age of 50 years in North America, Europe and Australia is an osteoporotic fracture in their lives connected. Their prices are lower, non-white women and men. Since the likelihood of fractures increases dramatically with age, fracture numbers are projected to rise as the population ages.The findings were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences United States of America.

Prague, Czech Republic: researchers at in the U.S. Discovered that the vaccine preventing mouse on embryonic stem cells lung in those animals, the cancer cells are had they them after vaccination or had been subjected to to cancer-causing chemicals.

Prof. Eaton said: ‘We think that results of of the carcinogens -initiated types of cancer collectively Probably your most essential to the the nearer ‘have real-life ‘model cancer development than one implantation of cancer cells in the an animal is. Research Program at various types of carcinogen – induced your mouse forms of cancer . We may well vaccinate age Nager, mostly developing neuroendocrine tumors in old age.

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