For meningitis by FDAThe Xpert EV test.

To results. For meningitis by FDAThe Xpert EV test, just approved by the FDA, is used in conjunction with other laboratory tests, doctors will help determine more quickly whether viral meningitis viral meningitis or the less frequent heavier versions of the disease, bacteria.

Of the 54 iodine-deficient countries, 40 are slightly iodine deficient and 14 moderately or even severely iodine deficient. Salt iodization programs need to be further strengthened in these countries.. The number of countries where iodine deficiency is a public health problem reduced to 54 in 2003, from 110 in 1993, the effectiveness of the effectiveness of the universal salt iodization, says WHO. Of the 126 countries for which data was available in 2003, iodine intake is now sufficient in Figure 43.Factors that Weightloss Reduces risk of heart disease.

It is apparent that even save a modest reduction in weight overweight people may to them a service life of health issues, from heart disease. An estimated 50 million Americans are characterized potentially severe metabolic syndrome, an accumulation of risk factors that resulting in heart disease.

The study shows that weight loss an efficient tool to that cardiovascular risk factors for which being decrease syndrome syndrome, and hence option to option when treating the disease.

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