For cardiovascular disease.

For cardiovascular disease. Pollution Hardens Arterieslong-term exposure to air pollution can lead to thicken the development of atherosclerosis to a form of cardiovascular disease, in which fatty deposits cause artery walls and harden, after a study published today in the February issue of Environmental Health Perspectives. The study adds to the growing body of literature linking air pollution with cardiovascular disease and provides the first epidemiological evidence atherosclerosis with exposure to particulate matter.

Rep. Kennedy criticized Catholic Church on health care reform, abortion coverageIn related news, Roman Catholic Bishop Thomas Tobin of the Providence diocese and Rep. Patrick Kennedy (Dr. ‘ Last week ‘exchanged nasty comments ‘about the Church’s position on abortion coverage in the health care reform debate, the Boston Globe reports. Kennedy – a Roman Catholic, a strong supporter of health care reform – said in a Catholic News Service article published on Thursday that he ‘do not understand how the Catholic Church was against the biggest social justice issue of our time.How many of scholars who to study diabetes, Hebrok is intimately familiar with pancreatic cancer, since diabetes be one of the most warning sign often occurs in front the diagnosis of cancer and is. A part of his research in the last years part overlooking the microscopic alterations to take the in the pancreatic organ when cancer develops.

Physicians must be too searching for a wide variety of diseases related to the Gulf oil spill ranging from cancer of the skin rashes? according an editorial in today’s s Journal the the American Medical Association.

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