During the next decade.

During the next decade, GSK has committed to an average of supply up to 30 million doses more than a million more than a million doses in 2010 , GSK will continue to rapidly start up supply then contracted amounts to be fair, the company expects that the first doses of its pneumococcal vaccine supply to Africa later this year. – Synflorix was the first pneumococcal vaccine to the WHO ‘prequalification ‘for global use, a regulatory confirmation, a requirement for participation in the AMC is obtained.

Jean Stephenne, Chairman and President of GSK Biologicals said: Today’s announcement is a major step forward for public health in developing countries A pneumococcal vaccine between life and death between life and death, such as pneumococcal disease kills nearly one million children each. Year and sickens millions more with severe respiratory diseases . We are making good progress to rapidly increase our capacity, new this contracted volumes of our vaccine supply with with the first few doses, that in Africa in 2010 ..This review seems in the recent issue out of The Cochrane Library, one publication of The Cochrane Collaboration, of an international organization, the research evaluated in all aspects of health care this systematic review on evidence-based conclusions about medical practice stand taking into account both contents of. And quality the existing research on a topic.

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