Dr Louisa Gordon.

Gordon said the number of solarium-related businesses had quadrupled and in most Australian cities sixfold in Melbourne since 1992, every year 43 melanoma. Deaths, 281 new melanoma cases of and 2500 new cases of other skin cancers are estimated to be attributed to solarium. ‘The annual cost to the health system – predominantly Medicare Australia – for these avoidable skin cancer cases and deaths to $ 3,’she said. ‘The successful implementation of of this legislation prohibiting the use of tanning beds by anyone under 18 or with fair skin, favorable health and cost benefits could be expected.’.. Preventable Melanoma Cases Cost Health System $ 3m every yearA related articles in the same issue of the MJA analyzed the impact that an effective solarium regulation would have in Australia.Dr Louisa Gordon, from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Brisbane, and colleagues of leading international health organizations about the high use of artificial tanning services and were anxious pre – teens seemed to be ignoring sun safety messages in their desire to tan and use tanning beds.

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