Despite Aubagio label carries a black box warning about hepatotoxic and teratogenic risk.

Despite Aubagio label carries a black box warning about hepatotoxic and teratogenic risk, the medication safety profile appears to be its main advantage over competitors. Gilenya runs the risk of cardiovascular effects, which patients need to be monitored when starting treatment. Therefore it will not be necessary for neurologists to patients on Aubagio as thoroughly as they where on Gilenya or Tysabri, supervised, so that gives Sanofi – drug with a significant competitive advantage . – After being admitted at September, Sanofi will Aubagio constitute the second oral treatment that give MS market, after the U.S. Launch of Gilenya in October 2010.

However, asked Feinberg and co-investigator Rafael I. Irizarri, from the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health and colleagues, from 200 to 2,000ered methylated sites were hiding unnoticed elsewhere in the genome. The researchers performed their comprehensive survey of the human brain, liver and spleen tissues obtained from five autopsies, identifying 16,379 methylated regions using a new method that searches all DNA, not just CpG islands.It was in advance of the XVI International AIDS Conference, releases in Toronto next week – to examine the relationship between TB of and HIV / AIDS and government responses to both illness to Bangladesh, Brazil, Nigeria, Tanzania and in Thailand notes you to widespread stigma a lack of awareness, uncoordinated service and a need for for local, national and international mobilization that TB / HIV coepidemic, mainly Saharan African Sahara intensifying . Governments and international community are seen that them on their hands of two simultaneous and interrelated disasters UN Special Representative for African AIDS, Stephen Lewis, adding: We must put the two together We need greater resources.

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