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Ethicists Debate New York State ‘s decision donors pay Who Aid Stem Cell ResearchNew York State drawn the decision last month to allow state-funded embryonic stem cell research had researchers women women for donating their eggs support from many scientists and doctors but fueled debate among some ethicists, reports Newsday Long Iceland. The State Empire State Stem Cell Board, said that researchers can pay women up to $ 10,000 as compensation for their time and the invasive nature of the procedure.


Of the 347 patients, 71 diagnosed with active pulmonary tuberculosis. Of patients with active TB were ELISpot Results The in 65 case were positive. ‘The results us that a positive Score in the bronchoalveolar lavage ELISpot interpreted with high particular and the active TB,’said Dr. ‘And an negative BAL ELISpot results near excludes with active tuberculosis. ‘.

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Prof. Lars north n, the Karolinska Institute Stockholm and speaking in the name of ESC to, says: Stroke is not an inevitable consequence aging, , studies have shown identify and modifying risk factor there are opportunities to reduce the incidence and death out of these devastating condition. For example, there is much more will done into to reduction in blood pressure, especially in older people with a high systolic measurement and to ensure patients received be at risk for thrombo stroke as a result atrial fibrillation the effective preventive therapies. .

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